• What is intelligence?
    Intelligence the intellectual ability to resolve new or complicated situations; the ability to learn from our experiences; the ability to adapt; the ability to correctly designate intrinsic connections and relationships, which help us to solve new problems and orient ourselves in situations that have occurred. It is likely the single most important and certainly the most studied of all the abilities that modern psychology recognizes. An intelligence quotient, IQ, is a way to measure intelligence.
  • What is an intelligence quotient (IQ)?
    An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a number that describes a person’s intelligence in relation to the rest of the population.
  • What is an average IQ?
    An IQ in the 90 to 110 range, which roughly 50% of the population has, is considered an average IQ.
  • What levels of intelligence exist?
    1. above 140: Genius intelligence – absolute characteristics for creative activities, designates the direction of learning for others (0.2%)
    2. up to 140 Exceptional superior intelligence – extraordinary characteristics for creative activities, excellent managers or specialists (2.8%)
    3. up to 130 Highly above average intelligence – easily completes university level studies, can achieve outstanding results in creative or managerial activities (6%)
    4. up to 120 Above-average intelligence – completes university studies, with a good work ethic, can obtain a very good job (12%)
    5. up to 110 High average intelligence – completes university studies with difficulty. With consistency and hard work, a person at this level can obtain the social classification of the preceding category (25%)
    6. up to 100 Average intelligence – is able to pass graduation exams, fills a mid-level work position (25%)
    7. up to 90 Slightly below-average intelligence – can complete basic education and works well in manual professions (10%)
    8. up to 80 Borderline low intelligence – completes basic education with difficulty, successful in a special school (10%)
    9. up to 70 Moron, low intelligence – if he/she is guided well, completes special school (6.8%)
    10. up to 50 Idiocy, middle degree of low intelligence – un-teachable, but adopts self-sufficient habits (2%)
    11. up to 20 Imbecility, severe low intelligence – un-teachable and un-trainable (0.2%)
  • Why is this IQ test better than other IQ tests?
    Because, thanks to many already tested individuals, it has the ability to much more accurately measure IQ when compared to other IQ tests.